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Do Star Ratings Matter?

At Reliant, we sure think they do. No rating system is perfect and anyone designing a network of high quality providers will have their own criteria, but for general comparison, the CMS Star Rating system is the most co... Read more

The Perfect Storm – Home Based Primary Care

The country’s population is aging. You can see it everywhere you look. And the impact on US Healthcare costs is immense, possibly bankrupting America if something doesn't change. According to the U.S. Census Bureau... Read more

Top 10 Themes of 2017 – JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

The landscape of healthcare is changing fast. Is your organization keeping up? To help you better understand the changing market and the strategies that you can consider to not just keep up but surpass your competi... Read more

Total Joints Recover Better at Home

According to a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, even if you live alone, home may be the best place to recover after total joint replacement surgery. You can read the entire article at htt... Read more

ACO Compare

ACO's have been operating with minimal transparency. Now you can find detailed information on any ACO in Texas from Innovaccer: The benefit of transparency is that it let's all the participa... Read more

Hidden Epidemic of Older Adult Malnutrition

Could 1 out of every 2 older adults be at risk for malnutrition? According to not only is it true, malnutrition costs the US healthcare system over $50 billion per year. Click here http://d... Read more

New Health Partnership: Hospitals, Physicians & Home Care

It's inevitable. Instead of fighting over census and who has the right to bill for patient care, healthcare providers need to partner in new and innovative ways that lead to lower costs, better care and happier patients... Read more

Power of Empathy

We all need to be reminded of the incredible power of empathy to create healing. Below is a link to a video from the Cleveland Clinic that truly captures the impact that empathy can have in healthcare delivery. Link ... Read more

Trump’s Choice to lead HHS Dept

Friday January 20th is Trump's inauguration day when he becomes the 45th President of the USA. While we don't know what his impact will be on healthcare, we can get a sense of the direction he wishes to go based on his ... Read more

Trump’s Impact on Healthcare

Are you concerned about the future of healthcare? Just when the shift to value felt so certain and inevitable, America has voted and change is in the air. For a more detailed insight, take a look at PWC's analysis of t... Read more

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