Do Star Ratings Matter?

At Reliant, we sure think they do. No rating system is perfect and anyone designing a network of high quality providers will have their own criteria, but for general comparison, the CMS Star Rating system is the most comprehensive and widely used measurement of evidenced based processes, outcomes and patient feedback. So do Star Ratings Matter? You bet they do and we couldn’t be more proud of our 4.5 Stars for Quality and 4.0 Stars for Satisfaction. If you are choosing an agency, choose Reliant because we deliver results.

4.5 Star Quality of Care
The Quality of Patient Care Star Rating is based on Oasis assessments and Medicare claims data. These findings were first published in July, 2015. The rating takes into effect 9 measures including 3 Process measures and 6 Outcome measures. Process measures include timely initiation of care, drug education and flu immunization. Outcome measures include improvements in ambulation, bed transfer, bathing, pain, shortness of breath and hospitalization. No measure is perfect but the CMS Star rating on Quality gives a strong directional indication of a home health agency’s ability to deliver high quality care.

4.0 Star Patient Satisfaction
Patient Survey Star Ratings are based on the patient experience of care measures. These ratings were first published on home health compare in January, 2016. The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Home Health Care Survey is designed to measure the experiences of people receiving home health from Medicare certified home health agencies. HHCAHPs surveys are conducted by independent CMS approved survey vendors. The survey is composed of 34 items in three sections covering Care of Patients, Communications and Specific Care Issues.